Bellesguard, the new Gaudí building in Barcelona

Torre Bellesguard, one of the most symbolic works designed by Gaudi, opened its doors to the public last September 2013.

This Gaudinian building, constructed between 1900 and 1909, is still inhabited by its owners. The Guilera family, owners of Bellesguard for over 70 years, have joined forces with Advanced Leisure Services, a company specialized in tourism management, to open the gates of one of the most unknown works of Antoni Gaudí.

There are two types of tours: the complete visit, including a guided tour around the interior of the house and its garden; and the panoramic visit, done with audio-guide and which take tourists around the exterior of the house and the garden.

The visitors can discover a special place in the old stables of Bellesguard, where there is a small shop and where they can watch an audio-visual of the magnificent building and a 3D pictures exhibition.

Bellesguard is one of the works by Gaudi with the greatest history and symbolism. The ground on which Bellesguard was built were found remains of Martí I the Humane’s Castle, who was the last King of the House of Barcelona and lived in Bellesguard up until his death in 1410. Remains of Roman ceramic from 50 A.C. were also found; as well as evidence that Joan Sala i Ferrer, the popular bandit known as Serrallonga, frequented the area when he was in Barcelona.

Bellesguard is more than just Gaudi. You can find reminiscences of the Roman civilization; nostalgic traces of kings, popes and princes; legends and about outlaws; and a garden full of secrets and allegories... Living history in every corner.

A special research group has been examining the extensive history of Bellesguard. The “Grup de Recerca Bellesguard” is made up of 14 investigators from different universities covering various disciplines, and their first discoveries will be published soon.

At the moment, Bellesguard is a brand new place in Barcelona open to the city and the entire world, open to the culture, the history, the music, the art and the charity. With outstretched hands and ready to all kinds of collaboration or synergy, with an eye on the new technologies, social networks, and professional and honest communication, Bellesguard team will remain at your disposal.