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Gaudi Nights | Programme

Torre Bellesguard, one of the most symbolic and unique works of the Catlan genius Gaudí, was opened to the public on September 17th 2013. Built between 1900 and 1909, this is one of the few works by Gaudi which still used as a residence by its current owners, the Guilera Family.

Bellesguard has one of the richest histories of all Gaudi’s works. Many important historical figures have stayed in Bellesguard, and the stories are full of coincidences and causalities. Great biographies and important historical events, in which there are plenty of memories and traces of past, have come across on this piece of land.

Located in the upper area of Barcelona, this is the unique Gaudi’s work which includes a spacious garden and allows holding events in the open air, where the guests can enjoy the nature within an absolutely private ambience. It is a place of peace, uniqueness, offering the possibility of stepping on a land with thousands years of history.

This summer, in this marvelous place, Bellesguard will give the opportunity to all the guests to enjoy an exclusive and quiet ambience in the upper area of Barcelona: the Gaudi Nights.

Gaudi Nights include 47 musical feasts. During the Gaudi Nights, the guests can take a guided panoramic visit to Bellesguard, a glass of cava and enjoy a concert of Jazz, Blues or Classical Guitar (according to the schedule). Come to experience the magic and discover the most exclusive Gaudi! 





Black Pearls

Voice & tenor saxophone

June: 25

July: 2

August: 13

September: 10


Nísper break band

bass & keys & electric guitar & drums

August: 6


Steve de Swardt & Diego Zapata

Bass & Guitar

July: 9

August: 27

September: 3


Suitcase Brothers

Guitar & harmonica

July: 16, 30


Enric Armengol & Cesar Martos

Guitar & saxophone

July: 23


Cocktail Music

Voice & guitar & snare drum

August: 20




Horacio Fumero & Pedro J. González

Double bass & guitar

June: 18

September: 13


Carlquist & Mitchell dúo

Saxophone & guitar

June: 26

July: 3, 17

August: 21, 28

September: 4


Matthew Simon & Mitchell dúo

Trumpet & guitar

July: 10

September: 11


Irene Reig & Rai Paz

Saxophone & guitar

July: 24, 31

August: 7, 14




Jacob Lenson

Classic guitar

June: 27

July: 11, 18, 25

August: 1, 8

September: 5, 12


Ángel López

Classic guitar

July: 4

August: 15



Svetlana Tovstukha & Olga Mensenin


July: 5, 12


Iulian Gogu & Svetlana Tovstukha & Olga Mensenin

Western concert flute & two violoncellos

August: 2,  23


Xenia Gogu & Iulian Gogu & Olga Mensenin

Violin & western concert flute & violoncello

July: 19, 26


Iulian Gogu & Olga Mensenin

Western concert flute & Cello

August: 9, 16, 30