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Svetlana Tovstukha & Olga Mensenin | Classical Music

Svetlana Tovstukha was Born in the city of Kazan, Russia, and began his musical studies with Professor Nina Novikov's at the Special School for Prodigies of his city.Three years later she demonstrated his exceptional talent for the cello and won the first prize in the contest "All City Music Competition", and then made his solo debut, while completing their education at Kazan Conservatory of Music with Professor Hairutdinov.The great master Daniel Shafer was interested in this talented young cellist, and choose her to be his disciple for five years, while developing brilliant concert tours throughout Europe performing in such prestigious music festivals such as: Tolyati, Ekaterinburg, London, Paris and Vienna where she received a standing ovation. In 2000 she was awarded with the prize "El primer Palau" (Barcelona) for her performance of "Variations on a Rococo theme". In September 2012 Svetlana toured Brazil performing all of Bach Suites. Since 2013 is part of the Music Ensemble Baroque concertos Barcelona.


Olga Mensenin began studies at Celiabinsk, Russia, but she continued them at the Moldova State Conservatory where she was qualified with cum laude at cello and chamber music. She was advised by Natalia Shajovskaia (Professor at the Conservatory of Music in Moscow). From 1988 she served as a member of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Then, in 1991 she served in the RTV Symphony Orchestra of Moldova, and later at the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Moldova. She has participated in chamber music concerts and festivals like the Festival of classical music "Mas i Mas" at La Pedrera. She made some recordings of the Sonata for cello and piano by the Catalan composer Mark Olmos. Currently also serves as professor of cello and chamber music at the Music School "Virtelia", "Diaula" and CEME.


Svetlana Tovstukha & Olga Mensenin | Classical Music


July: 5, 12