Torre Bellesguard by Antoni Gaudí has many windows opened: to the culture, research, creation, art, music , education, communication , new technologies ... and also wants to open a window for solidarity , taking an active commitment with our environment and our world.

This 2014 we will start working with the Order and Hospital of St. John of God, which cialis prix take cares of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people worldwide through various cooperation programs.

From Bellesguard, we will give some space in our gardens To St. John of God where they’ll be able to show a permanent exhibition where they can present their work through texts and pictures.

We will give them the opportunity to use our space a whole day yet to be determined, so that they can arrange all kinds of activities, including lectures, concerts, charity stalls ... and maintain direct contact with visitors Bellesguard.

We will sell ​​products produced by the people treated by St John of God in our store and we will donate to a specific program of the same organization the hole income produced in a summer day.

From 2015, every six months we will set the same commitments with different NGOs from the territory, working in different fields , such as children, human rights , social inclusion , disabled people , the third world, ethical banking ...

There is so much work to be done, and all the members of Bellesguard team are convinced that is necessary to have the solidarity window open, so the fresh air of the positive changes and energy will fill our days.


Este año 2015, Bellesguard abre la ventana solidaria a la ONG Active África, una ONG creada en el año 2004 en Barcelona, que desarrolla proyectos de cooperación en las zonas rurales más pobres de M


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