Who we are

The Guilera family, proprietors of the Bellesguard house by Antoni Gaudí for more than 70 years, have decided to take an active role in its protection, maintenance and conservation by opening their doors to the public.



In 1944, Lluis Guilera Molas bought Bellesguard to make a modernist hospital similar to Sant Pau, dedicated to the treatment of cancer.

Lluis Guilera Molas was a highly respected doctor, a pioneer in oncology and radium needle treatment. He studied in Germany and specialised in anatomic pathology and was a cohort of luminaries such as Pierre and Marie Curie and Santiago Ramón y Cajal. He became one of Spain's most distinguished physicians.

On his death in 1969, his eldest son, Lluís Guilera Soler, a gynaecologist and obstetrician, inherited the house and the hospital. During this new phase of its history, there would be many citizens of Barcelona who were born in Bellesguard which continued to function as a hospital up until 1974 when, due to the buildings architectural constraints, the hospital moved to the Delfos Clinic. From that moment on, Bellesguard has been used as Gaudí intended - as a family home.

After the recent, sad death of Lluís Guilera Soler, it is his widow, Amèlia Roche, her five children and seven grandchildren who live in and look after Bellesguard. 2014 marks 70 years since Bellesguard became the property of the Guilera family.