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In Torre Bellesguard we have different spaces, very different from each other. Locations with medieval castle aesthetics. Rooms with the unmistakable stamp of Gaudí. Light and color, stone and trencadís (“broken tile mosaics”), trees and gardens, spectacular 360 degree views over the city of Barcelona.

Bellesguard is a convenient and safe location, with logistical facilities for parking, loading and unloading. An environment of absolute privacy because it is a closed area. All the comforts without leaving Barcelona and perfectly communicated with any point of the city.

Tell us your project, may it be it a photographic report or audiovisual recording, an advertisement or a movie, and we will make a customized budget.

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Catalunya Experience. TV3

Retrats. TV3

Pagina dos. TV2

Puntos de vista. TV2

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