The Guilera family

The Guilera family has owned the Bellesguard house since 1944. During all this time we have strived to maintain and conserve Bellesguard through our efforts and investment, conscious of the privilege and responsibility that come with the ownership of such a unique and special home.

Over the last 30 years we have kept the gates of Bellesguard open to all who wished to come and visit. The whole world has been free to come and stroll through the gardens and contemplate Gaudí’s work. In the Bellesguard gardens we have met folks of all types from all around the world, all different but all with one thing in common – an interest in Gaudí and one of his most special, but least-known works.

Over the years the requests to visit and look around the interior of the house have been many and frequent. The level of interest and demand has led us to realise that Bellesguard deserves to be visited by, shared with, explained to and experienced by all those who wish to come.

There was also another event which contributed to this change of mind by the family from seeing Bellesguard as our family’s private home to viewing it as a historical and architectural jewel under constant threat.

Barcelona’s urban sprawl has reached Bellesguard and swallowed it up as it grows higher up the mountainside; there is a constant transit of people and vehicles; the public works and infrastructure in the surrounding area; the hubbub of comings and goings, together with the general degradation with the passage of time, all seriously threaten the house. In 2008 urgent action was required; this filled those of us who live in the house with fear and trepidation, not to mention the enormous financial cost and the impact it would have on our lives. The colossal works took almost two years and we soon realised that Bellesguard will always be endangered by the passage of time and the changes in the surroundings and that we need to be proactive in the protection, maintenance and conservation of the building and the restoration of its most deteriorated parts.

So we started the venture of opening Bellesguard’s doors to the public, offering the highest quality tours with in-depth explanations of its history and architecture.

We love the house and we want to conserve it and showcase the artistic, historic, architectural and cultural importance of Bellesguard so that it may take pride of place among the works of Antoni Gaudí as one of his most unique, special and individual works, as well as being the one with the longest history. It is Gaudí in all his glory.