Did you know?: Gaudí Nights, the concerts at Antonio Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard?

By: Ferran GarcésIn previous articles, we have explained how during the first months of the Covid 19 pandemic, Bellesguard got involved with other cultural assets, badly affected by the closure of theatres, cinemas, and concert halls, and created and went ahead with the Festival Premiers Bellesguard. A project based on synergies, in which Bellesguard provided the space and the filming of the concerts; the artists could premiere their records, had visibility, and collected the proceeds from the tickets; and the public could enjoy concerts by their favorite artists, recorded in a Gaudí building, and be able to watch them at a very good price from home.But did you know that a few years earlier, Bellesguard created a series of concerts called Gaudí Nights?


Three editions were held in 2013, 2014, and 2015, which was the most popular edition. Gaudí Nights hosted a total of 47 concerts of various styles: jazz, blues, flamenco, and world music. Among these 4 concerts, the Premium Nights of the Gaudí Nights, which were opened with Els Amics de les Arts on 30 June, followed by Mishima on 28 July, Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro on 18 August and on 15 September, Jarabe de Palo was supposed to play, but finally, Manu Guix did, in tribute to Pau Donés, who had just been diagnosed with cancer and was beginning treatment, making it impossible for him to do the concert.