bellesguard tower

Saint George, a legend made architecture

By: Ferran Garcés   This Sunday is the Feast of Saint George, the most special of our festivities. The Bellesguard Tower is closely related to the legend of Saint George. The devotion to this legend began to take shape in Catalonia during the time of Martin I the Humane, who lived in the medieval castle […]

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A day like today: Bellesguard during confinement

By: Ferran Garcés It seemed unbelievable, but it was real. Three years ago, on 14 March 2020, the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, announced to the media the beginning of the confinement due to COVID-19. The Bellesguard Tower, despite closing its doors as was obligatory, sought a way to remain in contact with […]

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A day like today: Xavi Casinos and the secret passage of Bellesguard

By: Ferran Garcés   On a day like today, in January last year, Xavi Casinos, author of the popular blog “Barcelona Secreta” visited us to document a new article for La Vanguardia. The subject was one of the most unknown corners of the Bellesguard Tower, which, in itself, is one of the most unknown works […]

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