Agenda: Wishing Workshop at Bellesguard

By: Bellesguard Team

Christmas is a time of hopes and aspirations. One year comes to an end, but a new one begins. Gradually, the days will become longer and warmer. In all cultures, this time has been surrounded by rituals celebrating the sun and light. Rituals that also revolved around a tree, the object of veneration par excellence, bridging the earthly and celestial worlds. The Celts used to decorate oaks with fruits and candles during winter solstices. It was a way to revitalize Nature and ensure the return of the sun. Later, Boniface of Fulda adapted this ritual to Christianity, replacing the oak with a fir tree. However, in both cultures, the tree remained the best symbol of the regeneration of the new year and the ritual of gathering around it to strengthen family and social bonds. That’s why one of the most representative elements of Christmas is a tree. Do you want to experience the magic of these ancient rituals?

Come to Torre Bellesguard, and after the tour, join the Wishing Workshop. It involves writing your wish for the upcoming year, placing it in a glass jar, decorating it to your liking, and hanging it on our Christmas tree. A tree where you can express your wish for light, with a ritual full of magic…

A moment of connection to share with the people you love. A free activity for young and old, which you can enjoy on the weekends of December 23rd and 24th, and December 30th and 31st. 4 days of family magic at Torre Bellesguard.

Our wish is to share Christmas with you; we look forward to seeing you there!