A day like today: Music from another era in another landscape

By: Ferran Garcés   The Torre Bellesguard is an ideal place to recreate the past and, at the very least, to feel transported back in time. Perhaps for this reason it has been the setting for different concerts of early classical music, such as the one we want to remember today, which took place in […]

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Did you know?: Gaudí Nights, the concerts at Antonio Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard?

By: Ferran GarcésIn previous articles, we have explained how during the first months of the Covid 19 pandemic, Bellesguard got involved with other cultural assets, badly affected by the closure of theatres, cinemas, and concert halls, and created and went ahead with the Festival Premiers Bellesguard. A project based on synergies, in which Bellesguard provided […]

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