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A day like today: Xavi Casinos and the secret passage of Bellesguard

By: Ferran Garcés   On a day like today, in January last year, Xavi Casinos, author of the popular blog “Barcelona Secreta” visited us to document a new article for La Vanguardia. The subject was one of the most unknown corners of the Bellesguard Tower, which, in itself, is one of the most unknown works […]

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Did you know?: Who was Pepeta Moreu?

The figure of Pepeta Moreu, and with it her influence on Antoni Gaudí, has remained in the shadows for most of the time, like so many other women in history who have been forgotten. It has recently been rediscovered, providing a new historical view not only of the life of the famous architect but also […]

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Did you know?: The Holy Trinity and a Mass

By: Ferran Garcés Last December 8 we began a series of three articles that we have called “The Triptych of the spiritual facade of Bellesguard”. We inaugurated it with the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Today we will continue with another dogma, that of the Holy Trinity. Both were very dear to Gaudí. According to […]

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Did you know?: The Immaculate Conception at Bellesguard

By: Ferran Garcés   Today we publish the first article in a series of three that we have called “The Triptych of the Bellesguard facade”. A facade that hides different symbols and religious references. Little by little we will be discovering them, as if they were the windows of an Advent calendar. We hope you […]

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